Why do we do the things we do? Is it because of what people would say or just to make ourselves feel good?  

Let’s take another dimension,  why do we serve God?  Why do we pray?  Is is because of what we could get from him?  Cuz we’re scared for our lives?Because we feel guilty or just because of his love for us and ours for him? 

We all make our choices for different reasons but we should never be blinded or ignorant of the happenings around us and what God’s plan is for our lives. 

Never give up faith and hope in God.  I’ll share my story with you guys.  These happened months ago and I believe God made it happen for a significant purpose. I was believing God for a particular result as an answer to prayers and I did all I could…. Prayed and worked really hard to see that it was actualized but it all seemed fruitless because that desire wasn’t granted me. I was angry with God! I saw my spiritual life go down drastically and at a point I didn’t even wanted to follow him anymore.  I was devastated and disappointed. Being angry with God brought all these things to me.  But WHO GAVE US THE PERMISSION TO BE ANGRY WITH OUR HEAVENLY FATHER?!  especially when things doesnt work out well for us.  There was a void in me. 😔

After some time of soul searching I realized that I needed God and that He just might have other plans for me that would be far greater than what I expected before. I prayed a prayer of forgiveness and reconciliation to my heavenly father. It then dawn on me that God has an awesome plan for my life and that I should ONLY BELIEVE in him. God’s ways ain’t the ways of man but it’s divine and mysterious. He is ever faithful and we actually need him more than he’ll ever need us. 

Never limit the hand of God in your life. God let things happen to us for reason we may not understand yet, all He wants from us is that we only believe and trust that he is processing us to because all he wants us to be in life. Don’t give up.  Keep pressing and serve him with all of your heart. I assure you,  things would definitely work out. I’d share the outcome of this soon enough with you guys. Do have a blessed week. Cheers! 



So sorry guys. I’ve been off the grid for some time now. I had some issues going on in my life and those gave me motivation to even write more this year.

It is a new year and the theme for this year is FINDING THE RIGHT PATH. Being a final year student there is a lot on my plate at the moment but not withstanding I would be documenting my thoughts as the day goes by just incase there is someone out there who needs it.

This new year 2018 I would be talking about variety of issues ranging from school life, to relationships, spirituality, marriage and many more. It is going to be a very eventful year for us all and I am supper excited about it. Do stay tuned and “follow” in order to be updated once a new post is up.

How to overcome Temptation

Anyone and everyone can overcome temptation

Even Jesus Christ was tempted. This proves that no one is above temptation. Overtime I’ve come to discover the secrets to overcoming temptation….it’s not easy but with the help of God you can too.

1. Avoid being Alone: this is because when we are alone we tend to perpetrate bad thoughts in our mind brought by the devil. An idole mind is the devils workshop. Dont give room for the enemy to have his way in your life

2. Play Gospel Songs: this has helped me in times im most vulnerable.what gospel songs do is that they take your mind off evil thought and helps you focus on Jesus. When you play gospel songs there is this cautiousness that God is with you so you cant possibly mess up.

3. Use the Word: the word of God is the power of God. Overcome that evil thought with the word of God. Speak it out without fear and oppose the enemy. Prove to him that you’re much more stronger than he is. What helps me is by shouting a big NO in times like that. Speak the word out. Don’t just keep it in your mind. VOICE IT!

4. Love: Think about God’s love for you and how much hurt it would bring to him if you engage in such act.

5. Study: Study the Bible constantly because what you dont know will not work for you. Using the words of the Bible in such times is sure to work for you and meditate on it day and night

I see God helping us overcome our worse temptations in Jesus name. Do have a great week.

New Beginnings

We can’t predict the kind of hurt we get most times but we do have the right to determine who hurt us. Most of us let our past experiences hunt us for way too long. Its actually hard to move on when you still hold on to that pain. But the truth is, at a point we ought to shake it off and rise above it.

Tolu was a vibrant youth who wanted the most out of life but something tragic happened to him. Here’s his experience:

His parents weren’t financially bouyant but they wanted the best for their only son and so they sacrificed all they could in order to get him into the best university in the country. Before heading to school, his dad warned him about the challenges he was going to face this new phase of his life, that he should be strong and prayerful. Tolu yielded to this advice at first.

Tolu was an engineering student. In his first four years in school he was a good hardworking student. He did every assignment, project, attend classes, chapel services, was a member of a service unit, obeyed rules and regulations. All these were ofcourse before he went for his IT (internship ) for a period of 6 months. These 6 months he couldn’t forget in a hurry.

During that period, he worked in an oil company in one of the most deserted part of the country and had to move there for that timeframe. Most of the workers there weren’t believers and so any form of religious activity were prohibited. Soon, he stopped reading the Bible and forgot to pray. This made him grow distant with God.

Tolu discovered that the world outside of his school was way different than he expected. There, he saw men who weren’t faithful to their wives, liars, cheats, sexually perversed people, men who loved money than they love God, men who despised Christians and other acts of maliciousness. This affected him tremendously. 

Tolu dropped out from his service unit when he got back to school for his final session. He discovered that he couldn’t balance good academic performance and his service unit activities. Little this he know that this was the path to his downfall. He started following bad gangs, taking alcohol, partying at nights, sleeping around with different girls and even taking hard drugs. Soon he became a drug addict. He was so disappointed about the realities of life he discovered during his IT period and saw no need to still be the ‘good boy’ (as to him it didn’t pay off ). He got fed up of the fact that his new friends who didn’t study as much as he did in school got better grades than him and as such he decided to follow their ways (they engaged in examination malpractice ). He just didn’t see the need to work so hard anymore.

Unfortunately for him during his final paper, Tolu was caught engaging in examination malpractice and was truncated out of school. But just before then, the school management discovered he had engaged in theft prior to that exam and also was a drug addict. He was expelled and arrested. Whilst in prison, Tolu faced harsh conditions and regretted the day he made that wrong decision. He remembered the sacrifices his parents made to see to it that he got the best education and how he had ended up disappointing them.  He had wasn’t five years of his life and even more in prison.

However, Tolu didn’t permit his predicament get the better part of him. When he got out of prison he rose above his past experiences and desired to be better. He worked hard at it and was determined to make a change in the word. This he achieved eventually.

See, it’s not about the pain and hurt you felt in the past, or how many times you failed at something. Its about how fast you are willing and ready to get back up, shake off the bitter experience, learn from it and move on.

This new month,  I urge you all to surround yourself with positive people, good friends,  people that actually motivate and inspire you to be better, press to achieve good success and just have fun with your life. Th​e ways of the world only make provision for bad success which is only temporary. God’s ways lead to good success. Make Joshua 1:8 your anchor Scripture. 

Remember that christianity is more than just a religion, it’s a lifestyle. 


True Happiness

So alot of us focus our happiness on people or things and so therefore when such person/thing isn’t currently available it steals our joy.Let me share a story of a young lady named chichi:

Chichi was a pretty girl, intelligent and hardworking but she was always depressed for no particular reason. She was in the higher institution but she had limited friends because she wasn’t socially active. At nights on her way back from the library she always saw couples having a nice time with each other and she was sad as she was always alone. Now, she knew she wasn’t ugly but she wasn’t sure of the reason she wasn’t able to be in a relationship.

After moments of thinking she decided to get a boyfriend just to know the feeling of love and happiness. Sadly, the first relationship she engaged in was a mess and so was the second and third. She found out that even when she was in a relationship she wasn’t really happy inside.

Then she met a young man who introduced her to the Holy spirit..told her much about the Bible and how the Holy spirit was her closest companion. Though she was a Christian, she knew about God but the problem was that she wasn’t aware of the divine magnificence of the Holy spirit. As she began fellowshiping with the Holy spirit and studying the word she gained a deeper understanding. She discovered that she had great peace within that even when things seem wrong she knew that better is the end of it than the beginning. The Holy Spirit gave her true happiness within and since after the day of her encounter she knew that true happiness comes from God and God alone.

Truly happy people are those who carefully study God’s perfect law that makes people free, and they continue to study it. They do not forget what they heard, but they obey what God’s teaching says. Those who do this will be made Happy.